The Importance of Amazon Search Terms – 4 Ways to Improve Your Listing

Amazon search terms are important;  If your product doesn’t appear in front of a searching Amazon consumer, they can’t possibly buy it. It doesn’t matter how good your copy, price, and pictures are if your potential customer doesn’t see your product’s listing in their Amazon search results. As good as Amazon’s search engine is, it still […]

KW Index Checker – Why is it important to check if my keywords are being indexed?

Checking if your private label product is indexed for your target keywords is crucial to the success of your product on the marketplace.  Once you figure out what terms you should be appearing for with a tool like’s Organic Search Report, it’s important to make sure that your product is actually appearing in the search […]

Keyword Inspector vs. WordTree

As much as I encourage you to read this entire blog post, I understand that your time is important, so for those that don’t want to read the details, here’s a table demonstrating what we found comparing keyword inspector to WordTree. We purchased 2 reverse ASIN reports from Keyword Inspector so we could compare them […] Launches

We are proud to announce that is now open for business. We are excited to bring what has been closed-door software for so long to the Amazon selling community.  Keyword Research is extremely difficult on, mainly because Amazon does not provide any tools to do so. With our tools, you can find exactly […]