KW Index Checker – Why is it important to check if my keywords are being indexed?

Checking if your private label product is indexed for your target keywords is crucial to the success of your product on the marketplace.  Once you figure out what terms you should be appearing for with a tool like’s Organic Search Report, it’s important to make sure that your product is actually appearing in the search results when someone types that search.  This can be done with is what is called a KW index checker (keyword index checker)

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In a recent video interview, we sat down with Tom Wang of FBA Hustlers and went over some of the basic concepts and functionality of  In the video, you’ll learn how to find the important keywords your Amazon private label product should be ranking for, and how to rank for them.

Keyword indexing is the next biggest step once you’ve found your target keywords.  If you don’t index for your products top keywords, you won’t earn sales because customers won’t be able to find your product.

So, how do I index for a keyword if I’m not?

There are plenty of ways to do this.  You can use’s listing builder to figure out which important keywords aren’t in your listing, and then correct the issue by moving the term into an important section of your product page and save your listing on Amazon.

After about 15 minutes (maximum 24 hours), your products indexing will update on Amazon’s marketplace – and you can check again to see if you are indexing.

Important places to put your target keywords to rank for them on Amazon:

  1. Title
  2. Bullet Points
  3. Description
  4. Search Terms
  5. Subject Matter

Currently, those are the 5 most important areas to put keywords on product listings.  If you aren’t indexing for a keyword, try moving it to another place on your listing or adding it in multiple places.

Some keywords are also blocked by Amazon’s system, such as big box brand names and some other random keywords – so if you run into a situation where no matter what you do you can’t index for a keyword – it might be blocked!

What are your tips to index on Amazon?  Do you use a KW Index Checker?  Comment below!


2 thoughts on “KW Index Checker – Why is it important to check if my keywords are being indexed?

  1. This advice is quite helpful to improve the visibility of a product in Amazon marketplace. But please upload an improved version of free keyword indexer checker as I find it little confusing to use it. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Kylian,

      May you elaborate on what difficulties you are finding with the free keyword index checker? We are always looking to improve our tools, but need more information before we can do so. Thanks for the read and the comment!