Amazon Seller Tools – 7 Tools You Need to Dominate Private Label in 2018

Amazon seller tools have grown ever since the day Amazon allowed 3rd party sellers on their platform.  These tools help alleviate some of the headaches that sellers face every day.  But, with there being so many, how do we know which one is best?  How do we know which ones are worth paying for?

Below we have gathered a list of the top 7 tools you need to be successful as a 3rd party Amazon seller.

There are basically 7 “tasks” that need to be performed starting as a private labeler on Amazon:

  1. Finding a product to sell (niche hunting)
  2. Sourcing a product (product sourcing)
  3. Designing logos and packaging (branding)
  4. Keyword research (SEO)
  5. Product images and copy (ad-copy)
  6. Product Launching Service (launch services)
  7. Monitoring sales and profits (sales data)

So, without further ado, let’s jump into what’s best for each of these 7 major categories!

1. Amazon Seller Tools for Niche Hunting

For a long time, niche hunting was entirely dominated by Jungle Scout.  Recently, however, we’ve seen another one of the largest SaaS builders, Viral Launch, create their own product research tool called Product Discovery.

Take a look at the advantages that Product Discovery by Viral Launch has over all of the other competitors…

A comparison of competing Amazon seller tools for niche hunting

Product Discovery is a pretty clear winner offering 6 additional features over the once-dominating Jungle Scout.

Product Discovery is our #1 choice for Amazon seller tools for niche hunting

Here’s a sample of what Product Discovery looks like once you have purchased it.

P.S. – If you want a discount on any of Viral Launch’s products, use the code XKAEGV0VLP!

2. Amazon Seller Tools for Product Sourcing

There is really only one tool that even qualifies for this, and that’s Alibaba.

Founded in 1999, Alibaba has been providing consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via their large groups of websites.  These sites include, aliexpress, alipay, and many other places.

Once you find a product to sell, you’re going to want to head over to Alibaba and start messaging suppliers through their system to get what you need.  You can negotiate on prices, how they need to make the product (packaging etc.), and also get an idea of what your potential profit margins might be before launching.

The best amazon seller tools for product sourcing - alibaba

Check out when you’re finally ready to buy your products and launch!

3. Amazon Seller Tools for Branding

If you aren’t a graphic design expert by trade, then you’ll definitely need some help when it comes to creating your brand and your packaging.

While sometimes the quality of work can be hit-or-miss, we still feel that Fiverr is the #1 spot to hire a contractor to get your logo and packaging done.  On Fiverr, you can search for what you need to have done, such as “product packaging.”  When you search that, a list of qualified individuals who have experience in the space and reviews to back their work will appear, and you can choose the one you like best and hire them to design your logo and/or packaging.

Amazon seller tools for branding - is the best

Pretty simple, right?  Make sure you hire someone with good reviews and a long track record of completing their work in due time – there’s no reason to hire someone with poor reviews or no reviews if you don’t need to!

4. Amazon Seller Tools for SEO and Keyword Research

Once your product is in production, you’re going to want to prepare your listing and your ad campaigns to get things rolling quickly when the products arrive at the fulfillment centers.

For this, we recommend using WordTree.ioWord Tree was made to simplify the keyword research process by learning from the success of your competitors.  You can fill in the gaps by simultaneously researching multiple competitors and having the best keyword coverage.

Two other tools are competitors to, mainly Keyword Inspector and Helium 10’s Cerebro, but in the following two articles, you can see clearly why Word Tree dominates both of those tools in both accuracy and relevancy.

Keyword Inspector vs. WordTree

Helium 10 Cerebro vs. WordTree

Amazon seller tools for keyword research - wordtree is our winner

WordTree also offers a keyword rank tracker that lets you track your keywords along with up to 10 other competitors all in one handy graph.


Rank tracking is a great way to utilize wordtree as an amazon seller tool

Plus, Word Tree comes with a listing builder that will help you write your listing in an SEO optimized fashion right from day 1, with no Amazon SEO expertise required.  In fact, Word Tree is so powerful, you can virtually do all of the Ad-Copy yourself, saving you money from hiring someone to write the content on your listing.

Listing builder provides one of the easiest ways to optimize your listing in the amazon seller tools market

Want to know more about WordTree?  You should definitely check out this video explaining how to use WordTree and the benefits of doing keyword research the right way from day 1.

5.  Amazon Seller Tools for Product Images and Ad-Copy

Aside from WordTree’s listing builder, there aren’t really any tools that can assist you with writing ad-copy.  However, you can hire people from Fiverr again to do Amazon listing ad-copy along with taking unique pictures of your product.

Sometimes, too, you can ask the factory to provide high-quality photography of your products, and then hire a graphic designer to affix your logos onto the sample images, depending on how complicated your product is.

6.  Amazon Seller Tools for Product Launching

Once you learn what keywords you want to target with WordTree, have your listing completed, and are ready to launch, you’ll want to choose a launch service company to rank your product up in the rankings and get some initial sales.

For this, we highly recommend’s product launches.  They have by far the biggest buyer market around and will get your product ranked for your most important keywords within just a few days.

However, to do this, you’ll have to decrease your price and give discounts of a MINIMUM of 90%, but the organic sales and profits you make after a successful launch almost always pay off for this initial cost.

Again, if you want discounts on any Viral Launch product, remember to use the code XKAEGV0VLP during checkout.

7.  Amazon Seller Tools for Monitoring Sales and Profits

Once you’ve launched, you’ll want to know how much money you’re making.  This is easily accomplished by a software our friends over at cash cow pro have made called… well… Cash Cow Pro!

Cash cow pro lets you put in your product costs and in real time calculates how much money you are making/losing at any time of the day.  While I don’t recommend using it for tax time, it’s a great tool to see where you are currently standing as far as profit and loss are concerned.

Click here to learn more about Cash Cow Pro

What’s your favorite Amazon Seller Tool?  Did we miss another great one?  Comment below and let us know!


*Disclaimer:  We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned, and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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