FBA Hustlers Exclusive Video Interview with Tom Wang About Keywords

One of the partners of WordTree.io recently did a video interview with Tom Wang of FBA HUSTLERS.  FBA hustlers is a private group of Amazon PL sellers that share information with each other to help bring success to one another.

In the video, they discuss:

  • How to choose the best keywords for your Amazon PPC Campaign.
  • What the best way to do keyword research for your listings is
  • Where to put all of your most important keywords
  • How to make sure all your keywords are being indexed by Amazon
  • How to spy on your competition so you can be ranked for all of the top converting keywords
  • And more!

Check it out here:

In the video, Tom and Dalton explain many things – mostly around how you can optimize your Amazon listing to appear for the maximum keywords possible using an Amazon keyword tool.  Not only will this generate more visibility on your product in the marketplace, but you will also be able to eventually increase revenue as your sales start increasing, which will snowball your keyword rankings site-wide.

FBA Hustlers Tom Wang is shown how to use the keyword index checker
Dalton showing Tom how to use the keyword index checker by WordTree

We highly encourage everyone to join his private Facebook page and subscribe to his YouTube channel if you are interested in Amazon private labeling – he offers a lot of knowledge absolutely free to all of his members.

Being involved in a Facebook community is one of the most important things an Amazon seller can do.  It will help you stay on track of the latest changes on Amazon, allow you to answer questions from other fellow sellers, and most importantly, allow you to contribute information to sellers with questions that you have already solved.

Have you tried optimizing your listings with WordTree.io?  Do you have any tips that we didn’t discuss to improve keyword rankings?  Feel free to leave a comment!