How to Increase Sales on Amazon Without Expensive Advertising

How do you increase sales on Amazon without expensive advertising costs (PPC)?  Are you optimizing your Amazon listings to use the most searched for keywords related to your product? If not, you’re missing out on the most powerful, cost-effective sales and marketing tool available to you.

Selling products on Amazon is quickly becoming a lucrative side hustle for many people, and in many cases a sole income source for those lucky enough to have a winning product that people are searching for daily. But what if you’re not showing in Amazon’s search results even though you know people want and need your product?

How to increase sales on Amazon

Unfortunately, having a great product is not enough. You may have exactly what millions of people are eagerly seeking to buy, but if that product does not show up in Amazon’s search results, it might as well not be there at all.

Unlike Google, Bing, and other popular search engines, the Amazon search algorithm (a.k.a. A9) is geared solely to making a sale. You see, when people go to Amazon, they are generally at the bottom of the sales funnel, meaning they are ready to buy NOW. To get them there faster and convert the search to a sale, Amazon relies on accurate keywords that closely reflect what the buyer truly wants.

That means Amazon will show only what is most relevant to the buyer’s search terms. If you’re not using the specific keywords potential buyers are searching for, or worse yet you’re not using keywords at all, your product is practically invisible.

What about PPC and sponsored ads?

Although Amazon does offer sponsored (paid) ads to help products show up at the top of the search results, this is expensive and will surely eat into your profits. Sellers can also try to push their products into a potential buyer’s view using expensive Google or Facebook ads, but that cuts into profits even more and can still be ineffective.

Using paid ads can be a money pit if not managed correctly, and can quickly put a small business in the red. And even with PPC (pay per click) ads, incorrect use of keywords will defeat your ad’s purpose if your understanding of what keywords are relevant isn’t good. That being said, a good optimized Amazon PPC campaign is recommended for most sellers. A good method to setting up a campaign can be found here Amazon PPC Guide

Optimal keyword usage will put your product before eager buyers’ eyes

While factors such as positive reviews, product price, and sales history all influence Amazon rankings, proper use of keywords can help you show up in search results fast.  This is great news for you because it levels the playing field when you have the knowledge you need. Small sellers with brand new product listings can compete with veteran sellers when using the right keywords in all the right places.

A big way to increase sales on Amazon is by getting sales on as many keyword phrases as possible.  Getting sales on any keyword will increase your BSR (best seller ranking), which will in turn earn you more “ranking juice” for all other keywords.  Amazon rewards listings that have a high BSR across all of their keywords, resulting in a sort of domino-effect when it comes to ranking.

How do you find out what keywords Amazon buyers are searching? Use WordTree

Finding the best Amazon keywords for your product can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, there is now an Amazon keyword tool developed specifically to find the best performing keywords based on those that your 10 top competitors are ranking to increase your sales on Amazon.

Increase sales on Amazon using WordTree

WordTree is an exciting and innovative collection of four utilities that guide you through the creation of the ideal keyword-optimized Amazon listing customized for your product. Using a database of over 80 million Amazon customer generated keywords, you’ll unlock the most potent keywords to increase sales on Amazon. By taking the guesswork and struggle out of creating a high-ranking Amazon product listing, you can spend more time on your business and achieve sales at an accelerated rate.

How does WordTree find the best Amazon keywords?

Using the WordTree Keyword Report, you can enter up to 10 of your product’s top competitors. The software then evaluates these Amazon listings and compiles a list of the top ranking keywords to increase your sales on Amazon. No more guessing what prospective buyers type into the search bar to find the type of products you sell. New Keyword Report (2)

Using this list of proven keywords, you can move on to the next step of crafting a perfectly keyword-optimized Amazon listing using WordTree’s Listing Builder.

Building the perfect Amazon listing with WordTree Listing Builder

At the Listing Builder screen, you’ll see a list of all of the top ranking keywords listed from highest performing to lowest. You’ll also see the Amazon listing fields that you’ll use to create your perfect product page. It’s a good idea to use the exact search terms that you want to target in your title and bullet points to aid in the conversion rate of those terms, as the customer will see exactly what they typed when they come to your listing and will be more likely to buy.

Importance of Amazon search terms using WordTree's Listing Builder

Each field shows you the recommended character count and calculates your copy as you write. This way, you can maximize the effectiveness of your copy to take advantage of all the space that is allowed for optimal results. If you already have a listing on Amazon, you can import your current listing and rework it using the suggested keywords to increase sales on Amazon. The Listing Builder will instantly analyze your current listing and fix any SEO issues that could be holding back your rankings and negatively impacting your sales.

The Listing Builder guides you through the process of creating your title, bullet points, item description, search terms, and subject matter fields (a fully-indexed section that many sellers overlook).

Monitor your progress with the WordTree Rank Tracker

After optimizing your Amazon product listing, use the WordTree Rank Tracker to monitor your keyword ranking in comparison with your named competitors. This graphical tool makes it easy to quickly see how your listing is performing while spying on your competition. You’ll quickly see the search volume for the keywords you’ve selected over a period of 1 day, 7 days and 14 days.  By continually monitoring your keyword rankings, you can modify or tweak listing to outperform the competition and increase sales on Amazon. Some tips and tricks on getting the most out of a rank tracker can be found here Getting The Most Out Of An Amazon Keyword Tracker

Are your listing’s keywords indexed?

Discover which keywords your listing is indexed for with WordTree’s Index Check Chrome add-on

WordTree’s Index Checker is a free Google Chrome add-on that instantly shows you which of your keywords you are (or are not) currently indexed in the Amazon search engine. Just put in your ASIN and your keywords or keyword phrases and click the “Check Now” button. You’ll instantly see which keywords your listing is ranking for.

This should be run periodically and especially after making a change to your listing.

Harness the power of Amazon Keywords and catapult your listing to top rankings

Boost your Amazon product listing with WordTree’s innovative SEO tools to quickly beat out your competition and watch your increase sales on Amazon. Visit and discover the “secret sauce” your Amazon listing has been missing.

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