WordTree.io Launches

We are proud to announce that https://www.wordtree.io is now open for business.

We are excited to bring what has been closed-door software for so long to the Amazon selling community.  Keyword Research is extremely difficult on Amazon.com, mainly because the current Amazon keyword tools are very lacking in quality of results.

With our tools, you can find exactly what customers are typing to find your products, and learn how to optimize your listings in accordance.

Our three initial tools are:

  1. Keyword Research – This tool helps you find the most relevant keywords for your product to use on your listing or for your ad-campaigns
  2. Listing Builder – This tool helps you optimize your listing on Amazon.com so you maximize traffic with the selected keywords from Keyword Research
  3. Rank Tracker – Rank tracker keeps track of your progress as you grow and lets you know where you need improvement in keywords

We hope to continue adding value to our service and look forward to working with our customers.

Happy Selling!